Kudoos - How to Train your Remote Employee

How to Train your Remote Employee

What is Kudoos?

Using positive reinforcement to train your employee means you reward the behaviors you like and ignore the behaviors you do not like. You can use praise, life rewards (such as awards, a bonus, or recognition to reward your employees.

The Kudoos is a another effective method to for remote managers to positively reinforce good work for their employees. It’s automatic, safe, and easy!

The Kudoos is an internet connected smart device that dispenses your employees favorite treat when they complete actions or goals specified by their manager. This could be completing a Jira task or crushing a presentation. Kudoos has integrations into Jira, Slack, and Zoom!

Use the Kudoos slash command to quickly reward a teammate for a great idea. It’s immediate feedback! They will love it.

Slack Integration 😃

Kudoos also has a custom slack integration to quickly give your team member some Kudoos.

Did they just squash a massive bug?

Give some Kudoos.

Did your employee stay up late crushing some new code?

Give some Kudoos.

Did your badass team grind out another killer sprint to make your deadline?

Give some Kudoos.

/feed [employee #] [amount] 

JIRA Integration

Kudoos integrates seamlessly with JIRA to dispense treats when stories or tasks are completed. You can even make the Kudoos dispense based on the story points!

Apple Shortcuts Widget

Create a custom iOS home screen button for every employee for instant feedback. You can even use Siri to invoke as well!

What People are Saying

I feel more connected with my team and manager

Where do I get a Kudoos?

There is currently a long waitlist. Please send your order request to givemekudoos (at) fastmail.com

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